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Shoehorning an LS into pretty much anything has become the norm nowadays, but doing it legally... especially if your considering forced induction might have you rethink a few things, once you change engine families in a vehicle new rules come into play as to how much capacity if either aspirated or forced induction is to be used. This build will be fitted to an early commodore weighing around 1490Kg’s and will be supercharged, so the capacity can not exceed 4.5 liters, A 5.3 truck block was bored to 3.905 over the standard 3.78 and combined with a destroked crankshaft just shy of 3.0" bringing the capacity in at 4.4 litres, The larger bore allowed us to use the bigger valved, higher flowing Dart cylinder heads, more boost will replace our lack of displacement 😎

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