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This project started life as a HQ 25th anniversary premier that's been stored for the past ten years, our plan is to modernize it in a way Holden might have wanted, An Ls based 427 coupled to a T56 will be responsible for making it move, and large wilwood disc brakes will be in-charge of stopping it, 18x10's and 18x8 three piece Simmons will sit at each corner after some panel massaging. Progress posts over the next coming weeks should be interesting.

While the engine assembly is under way, the wheels and tyres were mounted so ride height and diff length could be determined. Brakes were also fitted to make sure there was no clearance issues. A 10mm reduction each side of the diff housing had the rear wheels looking the goods. A quick measurement of the hub to guard allowed king springs and bilstein shocks with the right opened and closed lengths to be ordered. McCormacks Auto Service panel department then got back to pin pulling and filing the body ready for primer.

650 Hp assembled and waiting.. A teaser of the trim and external colour.. Maybe.

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