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That sound... Late 2004 I completed the second engine build for this LX hatch. Initially built as a 355, flat tappet cam with VN heads the engine dyno'ed at 486 HP. Greed then dictated what happened next ! Cubes stayed put, but the compression was raised along with cam shaft lift and duration, nearly .700" of solid roller that required lifter bore sleeving to help maintain oil pressure. The cast VN heads were machined to accept 2.02 and 1.6 Larry Perkins valves, intake porting only stopped after a target CFM was achieved. The 17/8 Tri Y extractors were then doweled to each head allowing the exhaust port shape to become part of the system. A 775 gold claw was fastened to the Harrop single plane then a trip to the chassis dyno where 456 rear wheel neddy showed up..Still pretty cool in 2017 I think.

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