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Retro-classic in either NA or boosted form is slowly out weighing the more traditional approach, this LX Torana is a perfect example. Rather than build a carby fed 308 or SBC the owner chose one of our new LS3 crate engines we carry in stock as a starting platform, then had us up grade the cam and valve springs along with modifying the internals to allow a cable throttle to be used, this is our stage one and in this vehicle should run a flat 11 or a high 10 second quarter whilst still retaining great manners. Our stage two receives ported heads tailored to the owners needs and makes an additional 25-30 rear wheel KW's. We also offer a Stage three which replaces the standard cast rotating assembly to forged internals that stretches capacity to either 6•8 or 7•0Ltr and makes 500 to 520 RWHP in a manual application. Feel free to contact us about what's available in stock or help on your next project.

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