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First meeting for Murray's new engine was at QR 7/5/17 round 2 of the Touring car championship, qualifying with a 1.16 reset the lap record in his class which he backed up with a first place finish. Sure got him smiling. Well done Mate👍🏆🥇

Round three another 1st place. Well done Murray👍

Lakeside round four. 55.1 qualifying lap with an old H-pattern and 245 rear bags... Nice drive Muz 👍 second for the weekend not too bad either.

Old red shorty you crack me up!! Shifting your 4800 un-aero pound fat ass over the quarter at 10.3 @131 today..That's like one and a half VH commodores. 😂😂😂😂

2017 Road Trip. Forty cars, three Race tracks, two Winner. Congrats Paul Curly💪

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